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PRgraphix background

P R  (Pete and Ruth), graphix was begun as an idea during late 2005. We have drawn on our associated skills; Pete Graham managing layout, website and general geeky considerations with Ruth Vaega visualising ideas using design skills, and producing drawings and illustrations.

In 2007, PRgraphix was instrumental in producing bulletmag, the first West Coast lifestyle magazine. Success at this venture encouraged us to collaborate with Poutini Press and produce two books; South West New Zealand, World Heritage Highway Guide written by Andy Dennis, and Assigned to Murder written by Trish McCormack in 2009.

We can produce original and effective ideas for your business and have experience designing websites, business cards, general promotional material and advertising. Our speciality lies in organising writing, photographs and producing illustrations for your publications, especially pre-print for manuscripts and biographies.

We welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to put their thoughts into book form, whether it be family histories, novels or writing for a younger audience. We offer all layout formatting, photography, illustrations and can direct you to the most cost effective printing companies.